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Exporting symbols, part 2

Earlier I wrote about exporting symbols, now there’s a few new options.

slime-export-symbol-representation-auto default value T.

Automatically determines which exporting style to use, : or #:, based on already exported symbols in the defpackage form. If both or neither are used, the default described in the previous post is applied.

 slime-export-save-file, default value NIL.

Automatically save the file in which the defpackage form is residing after an export operation.

I often export something, and since the file is in the background, I forget to save it and it breaks the next recompile, or I even forget to commit it. 

P.S. It appears that there was a bug when slime-export-symbol-representation-auto was set to T, it used “:” prefix by default, it’s now fixed in CVS, and should be included in the next Quicklisp update.

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