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Reloading Slime without restarting Emacs

After updating Slime it’s usually needed to restart Emacs so that the changes take effect, but restarting Emacs is quite inconvenient. After adding the following code into .emacs, M-x slime-reload will reload all the Emacs Lisp parts (CL side should be restarted with ,restart short-cut in the REPL).

(defun load-slime ()
  ;; here should be placed all the usual configuration code.
  ;; like loading contribs and setting variables
  (slime-setup '(slime-fancy ...)))


(defun slime-reload ()
  (mapc 'load-library
        (reverse (remove-if-not
                  (lambda (feature) (string-prefix-p "slime" feature))
                  (mapcar 'symbol-name features))))
  (setq slime-protocol-version (slime-changelog-date))

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