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Little known features of Slime.

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Cross referencing

Slime has a nice cross referencing facility, for example, you can see what calls a particular function or expands a macro.
It presents a list of places which reference a particular entity, from there you can recompile the thing which references by pressing C-c C-c on that line. C-c C-k will recompile all the references. This is useful when modifying macros, inline functions, or constants.

C-c C-w c slime-who-calls callers of a function
C-c C-w m slime-who-macroexpands places where a macro is expanded
C-c C-w r slime-who-references global variable references
C-c C-w b slime-who-bind global variable bindings
C-c C-w s slime-who-sets global variable setters
C-c C-w a slime-who-specializes methods specialized on a symbol

And when slime-asdf contrib is enabled
C-c C-w d slime-who-depends-on list dependant ASDF systems

And a general binding:
M-? or M-_ slime-edit-uses combines all of the above, lists every kind of reference

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