Slime Tips

Little known features of Slime.

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Slime has many buffers, and sometimes it’s not easy navigating between them, slime-selector simplifies this task.
It’s not bound to any key by default, I bind it globally to C-z

(global-set-key "\C-z" 'slime-selector)

Then it allows you to select a buffer by a letter.
Some of the most useful shortcuts are listed here, the full list can be seen by pressing “?”.

  • r   Current active REPL
  • l    Most recently visited lisp file
  • d   Debugger 
  • c   List of implementations slime is connected to
  • t   Threads list
  • i   *inferior-lisp* buffer
  • s    *slime-scratch* buffer (for writing one-off code)
  • v   Log of slime events (useful for debugging Slime problems)
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